IGNOU Form to Change Address of Regional Center

As many students wants to change their regional center address because of some personal circumstances.Here is the easy way to Change Address. Download below form , fill it and send it to the concerned Regional Director, who will forward it to the Director (SRD), Maidan Garhi, New Delhi after verification of student's signatures. Request for change of address received through e-mail will not be entertained. Write Program Code and Enrolment Number without any default.

 IGNOU Form to Change Address

A learner wants transfer from one region to another, he / she has to write to that effect to the Regional Centre from where he / she is seeking a transfer marking copies to the Regional Centre where he / she would like to transferred to. Further, he / she has to obtain a certificate from the Coordinator of the Study Centre from where he / she is seeking transfer from regarding the number of assignments submitted. The Regional director from where the learner is seeking the transfer will transfer all records including details of fee payment to the Regional Centre where the learner is going to under intimation to the Director, SR&E Division and the learner. For change of Region in Computer Programmes, NOC is to be obtained from the concerned Regional Centre where the learner wishes his / her transfer.No transfer is permitted from other regions to Delhi for MCA / BCA / CIC / BSc. No transfer of Programme Study Centre is allowed for PGDMCH / PGDHHM / BSc(N) Programme. 

If you don't know the address of IGNOU Regional center to change address click to get the list of IGNOU Regional center in India.

After changing address if you want to check the address status click on link below and enter your enrollment number with your programme code.


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