List of Courses in IGNOU 2012 - IGNOU Courses List

Here is all latest IGNOU Courses 2012 updated by IGNOU Website to alertIGNOU Students about its upcoming 2012 Courses. Below it consist all Ph.D Programmes, Master Degree programme, Bachlore Degree programme, Post Graduate Diploma Programmes, Diploma Programmes, Certificate Programmes offered by IGNOU 2012.

IGNOU  Ph.D Programmes
Doctor of Philosophy in Education, History, Tourism Studies, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Public Admn., Library & Information Sc., Nursing, Mathematics, Physics, Hindi, English, Commerce, Management, Social Work, Women’s Studies, IGNOU Distance Education, Rural Development, Child Development, Gender & Development Studies, Food & Nutrition, Sri Aurobindo Studies, Agriculture Extension, Informatics, Computer & Information Science, Knowledge Management, Vocational Education, Chemistry, Life Science, Civil Engg., Mechanical Engg., Journalism & Mass Communication, Extension Education, Community Outreach, Information Communication Technology, Law, Astrophysics.

IGNOU  M.Phil Programmes
Master of Philosophy in Sri Aurobindo Studies, Economics, Distance Education.

IGNOU  Master’s Degree Programme

IGNOU  Bachelor’s Degree Programme

Bachelor Preparatory Programme
Bachelor of Science in Nursing(PB), B.Tech Civil in Construction Management, Water Resource Engg., Mechanical Engg.(offered only in January Session)
Bachelor of Science(Hons.) in Optometry & Ophthalmic Techniques(offered only in July Session)

IGNOU  Post Graduate Diploma Programmes
Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education, Higher Education, Library Automation & Networking, Rural Development, Translation, Journalism & Mass Communication, Audio Programme Production, International Business Operation, Disaster Management, Intellectual Property Rights, Environment & Sustainable Development, Educational Technology, School Leadership Management, Participatory Management of Displacement, Resettlement & Rehabilitation, Social Work, Book Publishing, Pharmaceutical Sales Management, Food Safety & Quality Management(online also), Disability Management for Medical Practioners, Folklore & Cultural Studies, District Health Management, Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Studies in Indian Culture, Integral Education, Analytical Chemistry, Management(Industrial, Safety, Health & Environment), Teaching & Research in Management, Broadcasting & Web Journalism.
Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology, Maternal & Child Health, Adult Education(offered only in July Session)
Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Health Management, Geriatric Medicine, Plantation Management.(offered only in January Session)

IGNOU  Advanced Diploma Programmes
Advanced Diploma in Construction Management, Water Resource Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (offered only in January Session)

IGNOU Diploma Programmes

  1. Diploma in Added Products from Cereals, Pulses and oilseed (DPVCPO)
  2. Diploma in Value added Products from Fruits and Vegetables (DVAPFV)
  3. Diploma in Diary Technology (DDT)
  4. Diploma in Meat Technology (DMT)
  5. Diploma in Nursing Administration (DNA)
  6. Diploma in HIV and Family Education (DAFE)
  7. Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCE)
  8. Diploma in Women Empowerment and Development (DWED)
  9. Diploma in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (DCIM)
  10. Diploma in Youth in Development Work (DCYP)
  11. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (DECE)
  12. Diploma in Management (DIM)
  13. Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE)
  14. Diploma in Primary Education (DPE)
  15. Diploma in Tourism Studies (DTS)
  16. Diploma in Civil Engineering (Army only) (DCLE)
  17. Diploma in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (Army only) (DEME)
  18. Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS)
  19. Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi (DCH)
  20. Diploma in HIV and Family Education (DAFE)

IGNOU  Professional Certificate Programme
Professional Certificate in Spoken English & Personality Development.

IGNOU  Post Graduate Certificate Programmes
Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law, Bangla-Hindi Translation, Malyalam-Hindi Translation, Agricultural Policy(online also), Professional Development of Teachers.
Post Graduate Certificate in Endodontics, Oral Implantology (offered only in July Session)
Post Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice (offered only in January session)

IGNOU  Advanced Certificate Programme
Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management, Spoken English & Personality Development, Security Management, Fire Safety.

IGNOU  Certificate Programmes

  1. Certificate in Performing and Visual Arts
  2. Certificate in NGO Management
  3. Certificate in Motorcycle Service & Repair (CMSR)
  4. Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management (ACPDM)
  5. Certificate in Care Waste Management (CHCWM)
  6. Certificate in Competency Enhancement for ANM/FHW (CCEANM)
  7. Certificate in Newborn and Infant Care (CNIC)
  8. Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Care (CMCHC)
  9. Certificate in Business Skills (CBS)
  10. Certificate in HIV and Family Education (CAFE)
  11. Certificate in Consumer Protection (CCP)
  12. Certificate in Youth in Development Work (CCYP)
  13. Certificate in Disaster Management (CDM)
  14. Certificate in Environmental Studies (CES)
  15. Certificate in Human Rights (CHR)
  16. Certificate in Computing (CIC)
  17. Certificate in Guidance (CIG)
  18. Certificate in Labour in Development (CLD)
  19. Certificate in Participatory Forest Management (CPFM)
  20. Certificate in Rural Development (CRD)
  21. Certificate in Tourism Studies (CTS)
  22. Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN)
  23. Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care (CNCC)
  24. Certificate in Empowering Women through Self Help Groups (CWDL)
  25. Certificate in Women's Empowerment and Development (CWED)
  26. Certificate in Participatory Project Planning (SAVINI)
  27. Certificate in Food Safety (CFS)
  28. Certificate in Craft and Design Pottery (CCDP)
  29. Certificate in ICT Application in Library (CICTAL)
  30. Certificate in Primary Education (CPE)
  31. Certificate in Primary Teaching (CPT)
  32. Certificate in Teaching of English (CTE)
  33. Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)
  34. Certificate in Laboratory Techniques (CPLT)

IGNOU Creative Media Arts Programme
Digital Sound, Security Management, Fire Safety, Spoken English & Personality Development, Air Ticketing, Airline in Flight Services, Travel Agency Operations, Tour Guiding Skills, Energy Technology & Management, Early Childhood Special Education - Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Visual Impairment & Hearing Impairment , Primary Education (offered only in North East States), Primary Teaching, Primary Curriculum & Instruction, Craft & Design, Shoe Upper Cutting, Shoe Upper Stitching, Shoe Lasting & Finishing, Leather Goods Making, Power Distribution, Elementary Teacher Education(offered only in North East States).

IGNOU  Non - Credit Courses
Computer Literacy Programme, Motor Cycle Service & Repair, IT Service Management, School Services Management, Publishing Services Management, Garment Manufacturing Services Management, Business Entrepreneurship Development, Retail Services Management, Security Services (Advanced), Desk Top Publishing, Communication Skills, Garment Stitching, Retail Marketing, Security Services (basic) for Security Supervisor, Security Services(basic) for Assistant Security Officer, Security Guard Protection, Security Supervisor, Awareness Programme on Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy Farming for Rural Farmers, Awareness-cum-Training Packages in Disability for parents and Family members(Mental Retardation, Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment & Cerebral Palsy), Foundation Course on Education of Children with Disability.

IGNOU  Appreciation Programme : Appreciation Course on Environment.

IGNOU On Campus Programmes
IGNOU Master’s Degree Programmes:M.Tech in Airport Infrastructure Engineering, M.Sc. in Chemistry, Actuarial Science, Physics & Astrophysics, MA in Translation Studies, Gandhi & Peace Studies, Social Anthropology, Labour & Development, Electronic Media Production & Management, Extension & Development Studies, Journalism & Mass Communication, Social Work with specialization in Philanthropic Social Work, Gender & Development Studies, Master of Performing Arts - Hindustani Classical Music, Bharatanatyam & Theatre Arts, Master of Visual Arts - Painting.

IGNOU Bachelor’s Degree Programme
B.Tech in Air Craft Manufacturing and Maintenance Engineering, Airport Infrastructure Engineer(civil)
B.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology, Radiation Therapy Technology, Medical Records, Science & Health Information Technology, Anesthesia and Critical Care Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology.
B.A in Fashion Design, Textile Design, Fashion Merchandising and Production, 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

IGNOU  Advanced Diploma Programme
Advanced Diploma in Retail Management, Relationship Management, Security Management, Air Cargo Management, Rescue Fire Fighting & Safety, Airport Operation Management.

IGNOU  Post Graduate Diploma Programme
Post Graduate Diploma in Security Operations.

IGNOU  Diploma Programmes
Diploma in Computer Generated Imaginary, Optometry, Radio Imaging Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Entrepreneurship & Skill Development.

IGNOU Post Graduate Certificate Programme
IGNOU Post Graduate Certificate in Security Operations

IGNOU  Certificate Programmes
Certificate in Hospital Administrative Assistance ship, Digital Film Making, Airport Ramp Handling, Rescue & Fire Fighting, Security & Vigilance, Baggage X-ray Inspection, Entrepreneurship & Skill Development.


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