IGNOU Study Material for M.A in Rural Development (MARD)

IGNOU MARD Study Material - Welcome to IGNOU MARD Study Material Section , Here you will find IGNOU MARD Books, which will help those students who dint receive books by post can study online by downloading theses books. Here IGNOU4U has uploaded Some IGNOU MARD Books to be helpful to students who want to study online.

IGNOU MARD First Year Study Material 
 MRD-101 Rural Development - Indian Context
 MRD-102 Rural Development Programmes
 MRD-103 Rural Development - Planning and Management
 MRD-004 Research Methods in Rural Development
 MRDP-001 Dissertation - MRDP-001

IGNOU MARD Second Year Study Material 
 RDD-6 Rural Health Care...coming soon
 RDD-7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development
 MRDE-101 Rural Social Development
 MRDE-002 Voluntary Action in Rural Development
 MRDE-003 Land Reforms and Rural Development
 MRDE-004 Entrepreneurship and Rural Development


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