How to Know IGNOU Assignment Marks

IGNOU Assignment marks will be uploaded in the Grade card, it will not be updated with TEE subjects marks this is the difference between Grade card and Results. Your grade card contains Assignment marks/grades, Practical Marks/grades and Theory marks/grades for each subject you have appeared.

In your IGNOU Grade Card you will find two status namely 'Completed' or 'Not completed'.Not Completed status may be due to non-reflection of your assignment mark or you have failed in the concerned subject. So, you need to inspect carefully what went wrong and sit for the examination for that particular subject / course or submit the assignment in time.'Completed' status means you have cleared acquired all requirements for the particular subject.

In other words, you have passed both in theory examination as well as in assignment part. For Completed subjects, you don't need to write the IGNOU Exam again or submit the assignment again. 'Completed' status in all the subjects with required credits is required for the award of your degree.


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