IGNOU BTS Re-registration Form

IGNOU BTS Re-registration Form - Learners are advised to submit the Re-Registration forms only at the respective Regional Centre and nowhere else. If any student sends the Registration/Re-Registration forms at wrong places and thereby misses the scheduled date and consequently a semester/year, he/she will have no claim on the University for regularization.

Re-admission/Pro-rata fee
The students who are not able to clear their programme within the maximum duration can take re-admission for additional period in continuation of the earlier period as under:

Certificates Programmes
6 Months (6 months duration)
Diplomas Programmes
1 Year (1 year duration)
Bachelor’s Degree Programmes
2 Years (3 years duration)
Master Degree Programmes
2 Years (2 years duration)

For readmission, the student has to make pro-rata fee for each incomplete courses. The details of pro-rata fee and the Re-admission Form is available at the IGNOU Regional Centres also in the website for the courses which they have not been able to completed. For further details, please see the website. The student who fail to pay the prescribed full programme fee during the maximum duration of the Programme shall have to pay full fee for the missed years in addition to pro-rata course IGNOU Fees for re-admission.

Schedule for Re-Registration

For July Session
For January Session
Late Fee
1st February to 31st March
1st August to 1st October
1st April to 30th April
3rd  October to 31st October
1st May to 31st May
1st November to 30th November
1st June to 20th June
1st December to 20th December


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