What is the scope for M.A in Rural development from IGNOU

What is the scope for M.A in Rural development from IGNOU 
Masters of Arts in Rural development is a fairly new program that is very much required in a developing country like India. The program is considered to be highly essential in developing rural areas as India comprises of large number of rural population.

Completing the course from IGNOU is beneficial as it provides scope for real opportunities in rural areas and teaches students the basic problems of the areas that need development. The program from IGNOU MARD provides a deep insight and tools to reach to the people in the areas and work for their uplifted. IGNOU is a recognized IGNOU University, which provides the right kind of education and knowledge in the field of M.A. in Rural development.

After completing the course from IGNOU, MARD candidates can work in various government offices, or agencies that work in rural areas. Or they can join NGO’s, Banks, organizations, charity organizations, co-operatives that are engaged in developing rural areas.


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